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About Us

A well-rooted and committed organization that is involved in the process of manufacturing some of the best Lathe tools in the market. As we process tools based on requirements, you can be assured to find what all that you need.


Our categories range from a whole variety of aspects since we are catered to meet customer satisfaction and provide you with the right kind of tools.

Multi-Tip Tools

Providing multiple options and raising the essence of versatility has always been an easy job for our category of multi-tip tools.

Tool Handles

With superior quality and notable features, our tool handles will come in handy during unpredictable situations where force is everything.

Hollowing Systems

By allowing a secure and comfortable mode of approach, hollowing systems move ahead to increase the efficiency of all your needs.


Regardless of the type or form of need, our tools will be the right guide that can take you through the process and help you complete the same in a matter of time. To gain a better understanding, go ahead and take a look at these pictures.

Best Selling Products

By pushing forward the real mark of quality and durability, our products have gone ahead to be one of the best selling items on the market. As we never make compromises, our tools will never lose the real power of uniqueness.

The Team

Formidable, competitive and strategic forces tend to be the main aspects that revolve around our credible team.

Gregory J. Brito

Gregory J. Brito

By spending a considerable number of years in the business, Gregory J. Brito has advanced his terms of knowledge and takes us through all kinds of problems.

Thomas N. Lindsey

Thomas N. Lindsey

Discipline and leadership are valuable traits that Thomas N. Lindsey brings to the table. With his view and detailed vision, our organization marches ahead.

Thomas M. Harland

Thomas M. Harland

Thomas M Harland has always been there to strengthen the branches of our foundation and help us to proceed ahead without facing roadblocks.


“I’ve been using Monster Lathe Tools ever since my Dad told me all about them. Today, be it any project, I rely on nothing but these tools.”

Latest From Blog

Different Tools Used for Wood Cutting

Woodcutting is a precise task that demands strong and durable tools. Despite the availability of many wood cutting tools in the market, there exist many reasons why one might find it intimidating to choose suitable wood cutting tools. Every tool is peculiar from one another and is ideal for different woodcutting techniques and procedures. The choice of mechanism will determine the speed and degree of precision. While some woodcutters make use of the battery, the other directly run on electricity, and many of them run on manpower.

If you’re looking for the best wood cutting tools in the market, then follow this guide to get a brief idea of the different kinds of tools that make the workforce look like a walk in the park.

Hand saws

Hand saws are the essential tools that were traditionally used by woodcutters in the olden days. They’re manufactured using metal cuttings and are available at more significant varieties. They generally consist of patterns on their blades that work with the exertion of manpower. They’re usually available in different sizes and forms – like a hacksaw, Japanese saw, coping saw, and bow saw.


A router is a high-power mechanized tool that makes use of various types of joints. They generally find their use in smoothening and rounding off all the rough patterns and edges of the woods. Among all the other types of routers present in the market, a palm router is one of the most beneficial ones. They’re used to make different types of cuts on the wooden surface.


These tools are tiny and are used for tiny works like cutting various sizes and shapes and also for cutting the edges of the wood. They generally comprise of plastic handles or wooden handles and find their use in fitting the pieces of wood together. They’re also sometimes used in slicing away the extra wood pieces from the sources. Woodcutters generally use this tool in conjunction with a mallet, to enhance its efficiency.


Plans are available cutting devices that are usually used to out off the rough surfaces from wood. They comprise sharp blades that help in mending the wood surfaces. One of the most common of the kinds is smoothening benches. While few of these plane tools use muscle power, the others work directly on electricity. They are usually engaged with working on a curved surface; shoulder planes are also involved in the activity.


Lathes are the most common and modern machinery, using which woodcutting can be done very quickly. It is an encompassing tool that helps in the easy cutting of different types of wood, irrespective of the lumbar.

The Best Lathe Tools for 2020

The Best Tools

Woodturning tools or lathe tools are instruments that help you perform basic woodwork. Thanks to their many features, one can never say when these tools will come in handy. So by all means, it is always good to have one of them in your toolbox to solve major wood-based problems that come your way. But since the market is filled with various brands, you might find it hard to pick an ideal tool. So to help you out, here are some of the best lathe tools for the year 2020.

1. HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set will be suitable. The 8piece set helps you mould things and bring out in the right manner. Be it bulky or pen projects, this particular tool brings nothing but the best. With blades made of high-speed steel, you can be assured of detailing and with every attempt, you will be getting better. On the other hand, the product has also been termed as durable by various individuals who have got a chance to use the same.

2. Savannah 7173 HSS Lathe

Savannah 7173 HSS Lathe

The Savannah 7173 HSS Lathe is a complete turning set that comes with diverse applications, helping you accomplish some major tasks. With high-speed steel made of M2, you can look forward to having this tool around for a long time since these types of steels are known to have a better lifespan when compared to standard carbon tools. Apart from that, the equipment also comes with a parting tool, screw chisel, round nose scraper, spindle gouge, roughing gouge and so on. The set also comes with a wooden cover that brings forward a layer of protection when you’re not using the tool.

3. Hurricane Turning Tools, 4″ Steel Lathe Faceplate, 3/4″ x 16TPI

With a faceplate Diameter, 4′, coming equipped with high-quality steel, the Hurricane turning tools have moved ahead to be worth your money. The device comes with mounting holes that will help you attach your wood bland and carries the process of turning your lathe. If one has to go by reviews, then you would be pleased to know most of the customers who have brought this tool have classified it to be an ideal bet for your money. Hence, move ahead and check out these three items to have a better understanding of what we’ve been talking about.


Getting home, a lathe tool is considered to be an ideal requirement that satisfies a bunch of activities. But before you do so, always read out the terms and conditions, specifications and various other aspects relating to the product. So by all means, we hope you have fun with these tools.


Handles for Lathe Tools

Lathe Tools

The market for woodturning tools holds a ground of importance for various reasons. Thanks to its current demand and the broad area of supply, people seem to be falling for anything based on lathe tools. But apart from all that, there is a specific corner of this tool that requires a bit of maintenance. That very part is the handle. Yes, that’s right. Since these handles tend to wear out after a certain point of time, one may need to replace them or create a new one. With the process of DIY coming in handy, it is good to settle for the latter. So to help you on that front, here’s what you need to know about handles for lathe tools.

1. Dry and Strong Wood

Although the process seems exciting, it will not go through if you don’t have the right materials. To start things off, you would require dry and strong wood. So select a stock with straight grain since it makes up for the critical area that you need to cover. If you cannot get your hands on the same, then you can even settle for traditional hardwoods, exotic woods or even local woods once they are harvested and ready to dry. But by all means, pine, poplar, willow, fir, butternut and spruce should never be used for this process.

2. Turning Tool Shanks

Using Lathe Tools

Once you’ve settled with the wood, the next step is to think about the tangs. Since both types mount in holes bored at the end of the handle, they should be either round or flat. If flat-tang tools seem to be your calling, then you would require stepped holes to accommodate their tapered shape. When things fall in this angle, you can be ready to look forward to the next step.

3. Drilling and Ferrule

Drilling a pilot hole to include the tool’s tang in one end of the handle blank is an important step that needs to be done in the right manner. A cone-shaped centre to mount the blank on the lathe is also required once you’re done with drilling. Apart from that, you later need to drive on the ferrule after turning a tenon to fit. If you find the ferrule to be longer than the tenon, then move ahead to use another one.

4. Shaping the Handle

You need to shape the handle so that it can fit your grip and help you manoeuvre around. Soon after that, you will have to install a chuck and drive the handle onto the tang by using a waste block so that the edge stands to be protected. Upon completion, you need to regularly check the tool to ensure that things are in alignment.


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